a Lady of the Lake

Womenswear made to order in Nashville, TN

Hand-made to order creations and one-of-a-kind vintage fashions

The Lady of the Lake was the name of the ruler of Avalon in the Arthurian legends. The lady of the lake played an essential part in the story of , giving him his sword  Excalibur, enchanting Merlin, and raising Lancelot. 

a Lady of the Lake was inspired by the romanticism and fantasy of legends & fairy tales of the past and combines ethereal and dreamy silhouettes with a modern wearable sensibility. 

100% Handmade Womenswear

All designs are handmade to order here in our Nashville studio. Feminine shapes and silhouettes are used to create dresses, tunics and blouses that bring an effortless magic to your wardrobe. We strive to design timeless pieces that are not only beautiful and feminine but are practical and wearable in our daily life.

We strive to design clothes that are versatile and are able to be worn from season to season and many different ways. We use quality fabric that is comfortable, lightweight and drapes on the body creating silhouettes that are flattering for any age. 




I handpick unique and beautiful vintage that makes a statement. Express yourself by wearing something no one else will have and enjoy and honor the amazing fit, shapes and textures of vintage fashion. 

Some lovely items are hand altered, hemmed or taken in by me to give it a modern fit and look for today. Incorporate gorgeous and one of a kind vintage into your wardrobe and make it your own with accessories and shoes. 

To see my complete Vintage online boutique visit my Etsy store with 100+ unique pieces.

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