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A look inside the a Lady of the Lake studio space

Lauren Grell1 Comment

I have always found that a great design studio and workspace has to balance both functionality and creativity. For a Lady of the Lake this means a studio that has an adequate workspace for sewing equipment and design, storage for fabric and materials while also being aesthetically pleasing and inspiring- whether it is through displaying current designs, or through art, decor and inspiration boards. 


Since designing and sewing are crucial parts of my business there are 2 separate areas to sew using 2 different sewing machines and a serger. A large table is central to the space for sketching new designs, cutting fabric, or pattern making. This main workspace is surrounded by art, my favorite books (both sewing/design /fashion related as well as fiction/nonfiction) and an inspiration board where I constantly change out pictures/cards/postcards/etc. that inspire me or have helped inspire the current collection. 

The bright mint green of the studio walls and gauzy curtains keep the studio full of natural light during the day and always encourage a positive mood.